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Covid-19 Scheduling Changes

Generally, acupuncture appointments are about 1 hour and include an intake and treatment within that time.

Due to concerns around transmission of the coronavirus we are changing our way of seeing patients. With the goal of reducing our total time together inside the office, I am changing the way I do intakes.

New patients, please contact me by phone or email to set a time to speak.

Existing patients can now book their own acupuncture appointments online!

My new location – 191 Highland Ave., Ste. 2B – has a large, free parking lot. Free parking is also available on Highland Ave. With this asset I want to try to offer a more streamlined way to do acupuncture in a safe way:

  • Drive-Up Intake with Same Day Acupuncture–for this offering you agree to be parked in a safe and legal parking spot at the start of our appointment time. Once you arrive please call me and we will chat. 

For those who arrive under their own steam I am offering:

  • Walk/Bike up Intake with Same Day Acupuncture–for this session, we will both need to monitor the weather, and also make a plan on when it will make the most sense for us to speak.

I am still offering telemedicine consults for herbs and general health questions, but to schedule one of these sessions I ask that you contact me by phone or email to set a time.

This is a big experiment in how to make it work and be safe, so I appreciate your patience with me as we work together to figure things out.


How to schedule (for existing patients):

1. Set up an account at

2. Complete the intake forms

3. Schedule an appointment

Everything is subject to change based on if it works and also what happens with the pandemic. I appreciate your flexibility as we all navigate these trying times.

Book Your Appointment

New patients must contact Cathy to book their initial appointment

What Should I Expect?

Your first visit with an acupuncturist/herbalist will consist of a comprehensive intake that explores your health from many different angles. After uncovering the root of your problem, the acupuncturist inserts sterile, hair-thin, single-use needles into various places throughout the body to resolve imbalances and restore health. Your first session will last about 1.5 hours, with follow-ups lasting about 1 hour.

Existing patients: Book your appointments online!

Please Note:

We have recently transitioned to a new online appointment booking system and electronic medical records.

If you are an existing patient who has not yet done so, you must set up an account at and complete the intake forms before you are able to complete your booking and reserve your time. 

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